• Welcome to Incom
    Incom is a global company dedicated
    since 1997 to design and production
    of kits for the Blade Manufacturing Industry.
  • Solutions in a Kit
    InCom designs and manufactures kits that
    feed the production lines of our customers,
    helping them to reduce significatively their costs.
  • Independent and global
    Incom undertaken in 2010 to expand internationally
    in the UK and Poland, to effectively serve its customers
    in central and northern Europe, with upcoming openings
    in Brazil and India.
  • Quality
    Our goal is to maximize value for our customers
    through Quality, Innovation and Continuous Improvement.

Incom is a transnational group specialised in engineering and manufacturing composite solutions present in the markets of its customers by providing advanced knowledge and products, and processes improvement, helping them overcome the challenges of the globalized economy.

Incom Group is a global company dedicated to engineering, designing and kits production for the Blade Manufacturing Industry since 1997. We process a wide range of material such as fiberglass, carbon, polyester, balsa, pvc, pet and put, in order to provide different kind of industries with our kits as wind energy, offshore, aeronautics and automotive industry.

Our main aim is to provide maximum value to our final customers offering a 360º industrial consulting, composite engineering and manufacturing solutions, focusing on a process of constant innovation and improvement. Simultaneously, InCom specialises itself in manufacturing not only parts but also components using different technologies in composite materials such as forming, manufacture by compression, molding, resin injection (RTM and RTM light) and transfer Vacuum resin infusion systems (VARTM).


In addition, Incom has a concept of Global Delivery Service by which the company, is committed to a continuous, quantitative and qualitative growth, through infrastructure expansion and most advanced technology acquisition. In this sense, we have expanded our international reach since 2007 into a  total area of 15,000 sqm among Elda's factory in Spain (Headquarters), where R&D is located; Goleniow's production plant in Poland and Andover's production plant, in United Kingdom, where Incom opened a R&D centre primarily focused on offshore wind technology.